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Who I Am

Replacing Drugs With Music

“An incredible voice.” (Roger Taylor of Duran Duran).

If Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion smashed their powerhouse vocals together with the rock sound of Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, and Oasis, then added some pop and dance overtones to the mix, Jennah’s soulful pop-rock would be the result.

Jennah’s emotionally driven lyrics are born from a lengthy battle with drugs and alcohol which she has managed to overcome. Now in recovery, Jennah recently celebrated being 2 and a half years clean and uses her music as a platform to share her story and help others make positive changes to their lives.

“I feel it’s my duty to stand up for the underdogs. I cannot tolerate unfair treatment or bullying, and my message is clear – bullying is something that needs to be addressed and something we can eradicate.

Let me explain…

I grew up in a working-class family. I had a fairly ‘normal’ childhood and then experienced a horrendous amount of bullying due to my red hair at secondary school.

I experienced daily verbal and physical abuse – I was teased and spat on regularly. I felt like a total outcast – I genuinely dreamt and longed to be someone else. I just hated my appearance!! I know how painful this was for me and I would hate to see anyone else feel this way.

The relentless bullying made me feel worthlessness and drugs and alcohol seemed to be the answer.

Now I’m just over 2 and a half years clean, I want people who hear my music to also hear my story and for everyone to know that if you’re going through a tough period or life seems to be completely pointless, that there is always hope.

No matter what the situation, it can – and will – get better. You’re the one in control of your own destiny and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

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